What Does a Career in Marketing Analytics Look Like?

This is a rough example of the time you can expect to spend in each role, and what you’ll be doing.

There are 4 key stages:
1) Analyst / Sr. Analyst (3 yrs) - lots of data work, some of it involving thinking!
2) Manager / Associate Director (4 yrs) - editing dashboards + making PPT
3) Director / VP (4 yrs) - attending meetings, client relationship, PPT feedback
4) SVP+ - taking meetings w/ partners, practice development, recruiting

This is a guideline - I know a ton of Analysts stuck in meetings all day long, for instance.  Which is misguided as hell and an awful way to use your people.

How does your day-to-day life stack up?  If you’re an Analyst making tons of decks and even contributing to overall direction - fight for a promotion!  If you’re an AD making Excel reports…watch out.

What do you think?  Get the xls here if you have other thoughts.